Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tool 9

It is important to tie technology to the objective because, I feel, that it gives the lesson a sense of purpose.  You aren't just using technology to use technology.  You are using it as a means to an end.  You have set a goal for learning and technology is just another way to achieve that goal.  We need to hold the students accountable for their learning.  So, creating reporting methods, or checking in documents help the students document what they have learned, and they serve as a checklist of goals met for the lesson. It helps the students to connect technology to learning.
I liked the Thinkfinity and The Learning Games for Kids sites.  Of the two, Thinkfinity would work well in my class.  It is divided into subjects and grade levels.  The activities were colorful and fun.  I think my students would enjoy using this site. These types of sites could be used as a bonus activity for finishing work early or as a review of certain concepts.  I would have the students write about what they did on each of these sites using a google doc as a way of documentation.
I liked Animation Creator Lite and Animoto.  Both of these sites could easily be used to help students create projects to enhance their learning.  I also enjoyed Google Books.  Creating stations with these sites would help reinforce concepts taught in class, or you could use them as an introduction to a unit.  Either way the students will enjoy the technology.

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  1. I have so much respect for you and everyone who has embraced technology with such grace. I liked your idea of using thinkfinity as a bonus for students who finish work early. It also seems like it would work well for that rTi concept by having students work in small groups. I'm looking forward to hearing much more about your findings. (I'm way behind.)