Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tool 10

My favorite "Cool Cat Teacher " advice was when she discussed that digital citizenship was helping the students to live safely and civilly in the digital world.  BrainPop had some nice videos about blogging and email and chats. I think it is important to continue to discuss with your students about how to be safe and participate in the tech world.  Copyright with CyberBee is a great resource for helping the students understand the rules for using information, images,and videos from the internet.  Digizen also has a good video about digital citizenship.  All of these videos are on the Power to Learn site from the district. I think the students need to know that there are appropriate ways to address or post a comment on blogs and how to post a negative comment without being offensive.  They also need to be reminded about appropriate language used in messages and limiting any personal information when dealing with on line sources.  To help inform the students about digital citizenship, I would start with a conversation about what it is means, and then I would make connections to their lives.  I would also show some of the video clips I mentioned earlier in my post.  It might be helpful to send these digital citizenship links to parents in the first day of school packet.  Teachers might want to discuss this topic during the school open house.  Digital citizenship is a topic that must be revisited often in the classroom.  Just quick reminders after the initial lesson would help to keep the topic fresh.

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  1. I could not have put this in any better way. I agree with you completely. I would like to link my blog to your blog so that anyone who can access my blog can also see how wonderfully you havw written about digital citizenship.