Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tool 3

I am still confused as to the copyright laws.  I watched the video, but I was distracted by the poor singing.  The singer was very hard to understand.  The other video was just a tool to see if you were in violation of the copyright law.  There is a lot of information and rules, but I would like a yes or no answer.  The entire world of copyright is very vague.  I would like some more information on how to credit a source when you use it on your blog.  When I went to the free sites, even though they said they were free, the pictures all said you could be in violation if you selected this picture...  confusing.

I found it tricky to embed videos.  I tried several sites---CNN---Discovery---YouTube---TeacherTube---and Blinkx.  My favorite one was Blinkx.com !  The site was easy to navigate and very user friendly.

On to Tool 4.

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